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Nobody is dropped off at the top of the mountain


Everyone I know who is successful or anyone that I have ever met that has had success, with the exception of very few, only got there by working their butts off for it. A lot of people will look at successful people and claim they are just lucky. By pure luck they made it. I used to hear that when I was playing ball. People thought you just showed up on game day. They thought it was all through talent. That I was just lucky to be talented enough. They didn’t realize the work, sacrifice, and self-discipline it took just to step out into that field, let alone play well and help your team win.

I applaud success. I think it’s phenomenal. And I love the stories that go along with that success. And almost every one of them had setbacks, speed bumps, and curve balls. But they made it to the top, by never stopping believing in themselves, by learning from their success and their mistakes, and by never giving up on their dreams and goals.

And you can too. Whatever your “top” may be. Go and earn it. Focus on accomplishing what you set out to do. Don’t focus on the potential financial reward. Accomplishment will bring you financial reward. Day by day, knock out your accomplishments and good things will happen. Accomplishment also brings you glory, a glory that sometimes is hard to put into words, but it is a glory that remains with you forever.

I wish everyone out there success, as much success as you want to have. And it is attainable. Stay focused, stay driven, and stay humble. Now let’s start our engines and get after it!

Hug the ones you love and tell them you love them, for you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Best to all.


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